Indiana B.A.S.S Nation
Pairings, will be sent out, in an email to the club representative, prior to the tournament. In addition, pairings will be posted on the IBN web site. We will hold the briefing from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 23rd

Location - Meeting and pairings, will be held, at the Cutright tournament shelter house. Unless, announced  and posted prior to June 23 of a location change.

Off limits - There will be no off limits period prior to the tournament

Launch Fee - Boaters will need to pay a $3.00 per day launch fee. All fees, will be collected, by your team captain, and paid during registration. Regardless, if you have a season pass

Registration - Only team captain needs to register and verify your roster. If there are changes to your roster, Please inform the tournament director at this time. Friday June 23, 5:30 Team Captains only. 

Briefing - Briefing (6pm-7pm) It is not mandatory, but recommended that you are in attendance. We will hold the partner "draw" immediately following the briefing.  If you cannot attend the briefing, your designated team captain must inform the IBN tournament director in advance so that the team captain can meet with your partner and exchange phone numbers. You will have the same partner both days.

Optional Side Pot - $20.00 per person covers both days 100 % payback based on the final day's standings. To be eligible for the optional Side Pot, all of your Team Members Must pay or the total presented must equal $20.00 per man on your Team.  

"    Payout will be Top three clubs, State Champion's and Big Bass for both days. Payout, will be based on the number of participants. 

Pro-Am - This tournament will be a Pro-Am style event. Pro (boater) will fish against the Pro's and Co-angler will fish against co-anglers. Co-anglers will no longer have a right to control the boat and must fish from the back of the boat at all times. The top 8 finishing Pro's and Co's will make the State Team. 

Fuel Expense - At no time should a boater ask the co-angler to pay for fuel. Fuel should be covered within your club.

Size\ Limit - A total of Five (5) Largemouth, or Spotted Bass or Smallmouth (in any combination totaling five fish) per day per person no less than 14"

Launch - Saturday June 24, All boats in water by 5:30am stage across from Cutright ramp. (All times are Indianapolis time).

Take Off: - Saturday
1st flight 6:00am or Safe Light - 2:15pm
2nd Flight - 6:00am - 2:30pm
3rd Flight - 6:00am- 2:45pm
4th Flight 6:00am -3:00pm
5th Flight 6:00 - 3:15
6th Flight 6:00 - 3:30

Take Off: - Sunday Reverse order
1st flight 6:00am or Safe Light - 2:15pm
2nd Flight - 6:00am - 2:30pm
3rd Flight - 6:00am- 2:45pm
4th Flight 6:00am -3:00pm
5th Flight 6:00 - 3:15
6th Flight 6:00 - 3:30

Awards - Plaques and Side pot

The State team may receive assistance from the IBN in covering part of the expenses to the Central Regional. Please check with the IBN leadership on what expenses will be covered. At this time, it is not guaranteed.  Not all expenses will be paid, by the IBN and you will be responsible for all other expenses. Lodging will be covered.
Insurance:  This is a reminder that all boaters competing in the IBN State Finals need to provide written or electronic proof that they have in effect a minimum of $300,000 liability coverage. This not only protects you but your co-angler as well. Insurance checks at the ramp are possible before launch. Team Captains, Make sure, all boaters are covered. No need to bring proof to registration

Jet Boats - This a qualifying tournament for a national event. Therefore jet propelled boats will not be allowed. Ref:  BASS Nation tournament rules paragraph 10 - Boat and Motor

State Final Tournament Information
Off Limits Area
Artesian Anglers
BASS 811
Big Sacks B/C
Cataract Hawg Stickers #1
Cataract Hawg Stickers #2
East Fork Elite
Eastside Bassmasters
Get 5 B/M
Got 5
Hoosier Bass Hookers
Hoosier Hawg Hunters
Hoosier Nation Bassmasters
Indiana Bass Junkies
Indy Mudslingers
Jasper BassMasters
Just Fish
Men with Nice Basses
Mid Indiana Anglers #2
Muncie Bass Cats
Premier Anglers
Riverhawk Bassmasters
Shallow Minded Anglers
Southwest Indiana Bass Club
Stump Jumpers
Three Rivers Bass Club
West Indy Bass Club
Wet Lines Bass Club
White River Bassmasters #1
White River Bassmasters #2
Winding Waters B/C

Competing clubs
If you do not see your club, Please contact - Carey Richardson 317-440-9103 immediately