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Indiana DNR gives temporary OK to umbrella rigs

Indiana DNR director Robert E. Carter Jr. has signed a temporary rule that establishes a limit on the number of hooks allowed on a rig or lure array used for sport fishing, essentially making so-called umbrella rigs legal through the remainder of this year.
Until recently, umbrella rigs were a traditional saltwater trolling apparatus used effectively in the northeastern United States to catch striped bass and bluefish, according to Ken Smith’s Fishing Encyclopedia.
The rig is an umbrella-shaped frame of multiple wires from which lures or hooks are attached. It is designed to resemble a school of baitfish.
Professional bass fisherman Paul Elias triggered a frenzy among freshwater anglers when he used a version of the apparatus, The Alabama Rig, to win an FLW Series national tournament in October. Elias caught a 20-fish limit weighing more than 100 pounds to beat his closest challenger by 17 pounds and earn the tournament’s $100,000 first-place prize.
Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society (BASS), the FLW’s rival tour, announced in January that umbrella rigs cannot be used in the Bassmaster Classic or the Bassmaster Elite Series.

In the meantime, states have been scrambling to see if umbrella rigs fall inside or outside of their fishing regulations.
Indianas existing rules do not adequately describe whether or not umbrella rigs are legal. Indiana Administrative Code 312 IAC 9-7-2 states that “an individual may take fish with not more than three poles, hand lines, or tip-ups at a time…(and) an individual must affix to each line not more than: two hooks, two harnesses for use with live bait, or two artificial baits.
The ambiguity with the umbrella rig is whether it should be defined as one lure with many parts or many lures on single line.
As DNR officials continue to study the issue, the temporary rule adds a fourth option to the existing regulation that allows “one rig or lure array for use with multiple artificial baits with not more than five hooks.”
The temporary rule expires on Jan. 1, 2013.

This gives Hoosier anglers an opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the use and effectiveness, or drawbacks, of how umbrella rigs actually perform,” Carter said. “It also gives the DNR time to gather information on what, if any, future definitions or restrictions need to be considered.”
The temporary rule does not apply to trout and salmon streams that are tributaries of Lake Michigan or to the St. Joseph River downstream of the Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka. The regulations on those waters continue to be limited to one single hook, one harness for use with live bait, or one artificial lure per line. Single hooks, including those on artificial baits, must be no larger than 1/2 inch front point to shank. Double and treble hooks on artificial lures may not exceed 3/8 inch from point to shank. All trout and salmon taken in Indiana must be hooked in the mouth (no foul hooking allowed).

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — B.A.S.S. Nation is the new name of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. The name change was announced to leaders of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation during the annual presidents’ meeting, held in conjunction with the 2012 Cabela’s Bassmaster Federation Nation Championship.

The potential name change had been discussed with state leadership over the course of the past year.
"The B.A.S.S. Nation name is being adopted for a number of reasons,” explained Don Corkran, director of the B.A.S.S. Nation. “First, it is expected to enhance our opportunities to grow the grass-roots membership of B.A.S.S. because it better encompasses all we do in addition to fishing competition, including youth initiatives, conservation efforts, promotion of the sport and among fellow bass anglers.

“We also consider the term ‘Federation’ to be a bit outdated, while ‘Nation’ better fits our organization in this era of social networking,” continued Corkran.

The name change will become effective Jan. 1, 2013, although the transition will likely take time to evolve
Dec 4, 2012

The IBN has appointed Steve Wigand as the new Indiana Conservation Director. Please contact Steve if you have a conservation project or a conservation issue you would like to discuss.

Steve can be reached at

Dec 27, 2016
IBFN Volunteer's Participate in the Inaugural "Hoosier Outdoor Experience"
The inaugural “Hoosier Outdoor Experience” September 26th and 27th at Fort Harrison State Park drew 13,300 attendees for the event, which included a one-day program for selected elementary school students followed by two days of free activities for the general public
Visitors to the Hoosier Outdoor Experience were able to enjoy hands-on participation in nearly 50 outdoor activities. Some of the more popular events were trap shooting, archery, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, building wildlife boxes, and riding off-road vehicles
The IBFN provided 10 volunteers for fishing on Saturday, September 26th. We had a continual stream of young anglers, many who had never fished before. They learned how to bait a hook, cast, and many learned how to take a fish off the hook. In addition to our sponsorship of the bank fishing, there were other activities at the pond including bow fishing, fly fishing, and RC boats.
The weather was perfect and all our volunteers stayed busy throughout our shift. The DNR was very appreciative of our participation, as well as all the visitors to the fishing venue.
The 2010 event will be held on September 18-19, 2010 again at Fort Benjamin State Park. Mark your calendars – we will be doubling our participation next year!

Jill Snyder
IBFN Conservation Director

IBFN Members Volunteer at the 2011 Hoosier Outdoor Experience

Thank you to the IBFN club members who volunteered at the 2011 Hoosier Outdoor Experience on September 17.

     Christopher Lemon
     Robin Lemon
     Brad Bonwell
     David Bonwell
     Steve Richardson
     Arnold Worthington
     Jill Snyder

The Hoosier Outdoor Experience was a big success again for the 3rd year with preliminary numbers coming in at over 16,000 attendees over two days enjoying over 50 outdoor events.  IBFN sponsored the bank fishing event on Saturday, and that day alone we had 524 folks fishing and about 300 fish caught.   Over Saturday and Sunday, 227 new anglers were introduced to fishing for the first time (almost doubling 124 from last year).
The IBFN held a 'bluegill' drawing for every angler for a chance to win one of 20 rod/reel combo sets that were given away.  Berkley also donated 500 lures that were given out to all anglers.
Although it was a great day and a big success, we REALLY need more volunteers. Please consider volunteering at this event in 2012. It's also a wonderful way for high school students to earn their community service hours that many schools are requiring now for their students.
Regards,  IBFN Conservation Director, Jill Snyder

To learn more about the Hoosier Outdoor Experience, visit :

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact the IBFN Conservation Director,
Jill Snyder at or call 317-413-5638

2010 Hoosier Outdoor Experience Results:

  •       Over 18,000 participants  (13,300 in 2009)
  •       50 outdoor activities
  •       Kids learned how to:
  •       Bait a hook with live bait
  •       Cast
  •       Take a fish off the hook, hopefully
  •       Built a partnership with the IDNR and the Hoosier Outdoor Experience

IBFN used the 2010 Berkley Conservation Institute award to purchase 20 rod/reel combos to be given away at the 2010 Hoosier Outdoor Experience.      This was a BIG HIT!!!!

2010 Hoosier Outdoor Experience


COLUMBIA, S.C. (Feb. 26, 2010) –

The Berkley Conservation Institute (BCI) awarded the Indiana BASS Federation Nation (IBN) the annual Berkley Angler Recruitment and Retention Award. The award, worth $1500 in fishing tackle, was presented at the BASS Federation Nation Appreciation Banquet Feb. 21 in Birmingham, Alabama. BASS Nation Sr. Manager, Youth Stacy Twiggs made the announcement.

The inaugural “Hoosier Outdoor Experience” at Fort Harrison State Park in September 2009 drew 13,300 participants. The event included one day dedicated to elementary school students followed by a two-day program of activities for the general public. There was no charge for attending the Explore the Experience program and children and adults both enjoyed learning about fishing, hunting, kayaking, camping, conservation and dozens of other outdoor activities.

“The IBN provided 10 volunteers for youth fishing on Saturday, September 26th,” said Jill Snyder, IBN Conservation Director. “We had a continual stream of young anglers, many who had never fished before. They learned how to bait a hook, cast and how to take a fish off the hook. We’re already making plans to double our efforts for the 2010 event this fall.”

“The Indiana BASS Federation Nation and their commitment to recruit more anglers, especially youth anglers, is to be commended,” said Jim Martin, BCI Conservation Director. “These club members instill the very values of stewardship in our environment the Berkley Conservation Institute endorses. It is my privilege along with the Berkley Conservation Institute to honor the Indiana BASS Federation Nation with our Berkley Angler Recruitment Award.”

BCI is a division of the Pure Fishing Company, the world’s largest tackle company headquartered in Columbia, SC. The brand names of Pure Fishing include Abu Garcia, All Star Rods, Berkley, Fenwick, Mitchell, Penn, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Spiderwire and Stren. Visit Berkley at