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We have received several questions on how to sign up a club with the I.B.N we hope you find this information beneficial in your clubs decision

Each club member will need to be a member of B.A.S.S and have a valid B.A.S.S member number and pay national dues regardless of member status (i.e Life members)

1. Follow this link and print off the required documents follow the instructions and mail to BASS

2. BASS will contact the state leadership and issue a number to your club. There is a thirty dollar national membership fee per member that will need to be sent to BASS Headquarters (Existing club deadline is Dec. 31st each year)

3. Once received you will need to complete a club roster provided by the I.B.N with each members information and BASS number. This must be accompanied with a check to the I.B.N. The state fees are fifty dollars per club and fifteen dollars for each member which will be due Mar 31st

4. If your club chooses to compete in the IBN Top 8 State Finals the fee is $750. per team.

You can send one check for all fees - i.e. Membership and Top 8

If this hasn't answered any questions your club may have. Please contact the IBN state leadership from the contacts page or send an email to

National Dues - 2018

BASS - $ 30.00 Payable to BASS per member. Club President or Secretary must log on to BASS website for registration process

IBN Dues

Club Reg.              $ 50.00 Payable to the IBN - IBN Registration Form - Due March 31, 2018 

Each Mem.            $ 15.00  Payable to the IBN

Top 8 Entry            $ 750.00 Payable to the IBN - 2018 Top 8 Entry Form Due - April 30, 2018

If your club chooses,  you can send all IBN fees in one check. Please include your clubs name on the subject line.
How to get your club started with the IBN and B.A.S.S

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